Real grace, real sin, real heaven, real hell, real Gospel, real cross of Jesus!

Sin = losing to Satan.
Grace = glorifying God.
with our actions, words, and thoughts.
Death = No repentance
Gospel = True repentance
with our actions, words, and thoughts
It takes time but grace of God leads us to holiness and a life of sacrifice. – our updated church website! everyone is welcome to come and grow and experience real community in Jesus and the Gospel!

Sunday Sermon Notes from Pastor Jack Lee

P Jack Lee – the influence of this house to all nations is increasing! Im proud of this house. Ketura was born yesterday. Visited baby Malachi, looks like Jackson. Brian Park’s testimony: I wanted to for the longest time visit the orphanage. Throw yourself into Gods caling for you. special needs orphanage. I worked w cerebral pulsy. so much joy in this orphanage, started by an american couple that knew nothing, went w a tourist visa. took in all the kids that were dying! A girl named faith was dying and they took her in. I was very humbled and touched. the family was the whole staff, and then they grew and saw many miracles, even serving ones with contagious diseases. The mother loved the adopted children as her own. as some babies died, they kept bringing in more babies. in the midst of worry I went, not being in level 10 holiness, but serving is not about me us at all. Hearing Dina and Mike the founders of the orphanage encouraged me to keep on going, though its not revered in China. 90 staff now 50 kids to serve them! without vacation 6 days a week 5 to 10 yrs they serve because they say “these are my kids.” God has a special place for widows and orphans. and they become what you tell them they are, in love and encouragement. God honors us when we step out and give undivided Him time, as in for the orphanage, Hidden Treasures.
P Jack Lee – its not about what you can do, but your heart, to just do it! In Africa, 1st day I shared in my broken voice, to the church leaders for 3 hours. 1 question amazed me, God has to give you power after fast and prayer for 2 wks if you want full time ministry, African saying. but maybe its not a God idea. John the baptist never performed miracles signs but God said he was greatest man born of woman. you must fulfill your calling, more imortant than just spiritual principles. our job is not to wait for something happen at impact! if you applu for a job, knock on the door as much for your calling! a door will open up as you keep knocking! just do it! receiving a prophetic word is not good enough. do something about it! 1st time I went to africa was after I lost my son. it wasnt glamorous but at the darkest hour of my life . I was willing, there is no time for self pity . just be a blessing to others even if nothing is ready! this wkend is Purim. the day God liberated the Jews. Esther chapter 3. around 2500 yrs ago, the Persians were planning to wipe out the entire Jewish race. Christians today bow down to the world and not God. the Word says no but we do it to please people and gain favor from man, not God. Mordecai said Id rather die than bow down to the idol! Mordecai approached Esther when the Jews were to be killed, 4:12-14 and said do not think you alone are safe, but perhaps God put you in a position for a time such as this. you too were born for such a time as this! why did God choose Mary? because she saod yes amen to the call and the will of God! radical obedience is faith, though we dont know what will happen next! humility is the key to faith. its not about just getting blessed and to hoard, but its to bless others! to be selfless, and not selfish! Love your God with all you got, and your neighbor, and yourself. Morsecai trusted Gods Word more than mans. He will rescue His people out of His faithfulness! If you dont do it, someone else will rise up. We must act upon His command. He will not drop or stop His work. Esther 4:15-16 . I met the president’s body trainer, and it took tremendous determination and discipline to become that. Met missionaries on Dakar Senegal from HK to share fellowship and vision! if you want to really serve God, He will open doors for you.
2) joy is the turnkey to freedom. Do it out of conviction when obeying God. the feast of Purim is a feast of joy. Tell neighbors Jesus loves you.
Missions – either you are going or if you cant, your money is.

Fight the good fight of faith!

Life is a fight! with weapons of love and righteousness for all!

There are five things I want to fight for all the days of my life, with the help of Jesus Christ:
1) lack of love
2) lack of faith in Jesus
3) poverty
4) prostitution
5) fatherlessness.
The answer to all these problems is raising up godly fathers and mothers, in godly church families! there is NO other way!!!

Godly Principles lead to Godly Fruit

the 7 principles of John Wooden!
1. Be true to yourself
2. Help others without expecting anything in return
3. Make friendship a art
4. drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible
5. Make each day your best day by giving your all
6. Build a shelter against adversity by your lifestyle
7. Give thanks for your blessings and pray for God’s guidance